Upgrade P2Pool-drk

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(This tutorial assumes that you have set up a secure, "hardened" Linux server according to the instructions here, that you have installed the Darkcoin daemon according to the instructions here, and that you have installed P2Pool-Drk according to the instructions here.  If your server has been prepared using other methods, the instructions here may very well not work for you.  Please be sure you know what you are doing.)


Copy Previous Installation


Before you upgrade, we are first going to make a copy of your current installation. We are going to copy your ~/p2pool-drk into the directory ~/p2pool-drk-old.  It is possible that you already have a ~/p2pool-drk-old from a previous upgrade; if you do, we are going to also delete that first.


cd ~/



If you see a p2pool-drk-old directory, remove it:

rm -r p2pool-drk-old


Then copy p2pool-drk to p2pool-drk-old, and remove the original p2pool-drk

cp -a p2pool-drk p2pool-drk-old

rm -r p2pool-drk



Now get and install p2pool-drk.



git clone https://bitbucket.org/dstorm/p2pool-drk

cd ~/p2pool-drk

cd ~/p2pool-drk/darkcoin-subsidy-python
sudo python setup.py install


At this point you have p2pool-drk installed, but it will look very plain. Backup the new ~/p2pool/web-static directory to ~/p2pool/web-static-bak, then delete ~/p2pool/web-static, and copy over the necessary files from ~/p2pool-drk-old.  Finally, create a needed symbolic link.

cp -a ~/p2pool-drk/web-static ~/p2pool-drk/web-static-bak

rm -r ~/p2pool-drk/web-static

cp -a ~/p2pool-drk-old/p2pool-ui-punchy ~/p2pool-drk/p2pool-ui-punchy

cp -a ~/p2pool-drk-old/web-static-original ~/p2pool-drk/web-static-original


ln -s ~/p2pool-drk/p2pool-ui-punchy web-static



Running P2Pool-drk


1.) Create a screen session for P2Pool so it persists even if you aren’t logged in to the machine:
sudo screen -S p2pool


2.) Then start p2pool-drk this way: (The "-f 1" part means that you will be charging a 1% fee to your miners.  You could change this to whatever you like, but 1% is customary.)
python ~/p2pool-drk/run_p2pool.py -f 1 --give-author 0 --net darkcoin -a <p2pool-darkcoin-address>

3.) To detach from your screen session (and leave it running) hit CTRL+A and then press D   If you ever need to come back to this screen session, just type:
sudo screen -r p2pool


Your p2pool-drk is now updated!  You can visit your page at:


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