Crypto-Coin Computer/Server Setups


While paper wallets and offline transaction generators are a great solution for the secure storage, receipt, and spending of crypto-coins, certain operations absolutely require the use of a specially configured computer or server.  This page contains links to various tutorials and instructions for setting up computers for all sorts of crypto-coin tasks, such as mining, running mining pools, and so on.  We even have instructions for such general tasks as setting up a secure server, which are preliminary to other "crypto-specific" tasks.  These instructions are as simple and step-by-step as possible, and assume only minimal familiarity with computer administration.  This is because we believe that the crypto-coin ecosystem is much stronger as more people become involved and we are trying to provide information to guide individuals to get involved in the right way...safely and securely.



Setting up a "hardened" Linux Server

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Preliminary to any crypto-coin project is creating a secure server for the project.  Here is a guide to setting up a secure linux server, suitable for safetly running all sorts of crypto-coin software.



Install and Run the Darkcoin Daemon; Optionally Create a Masternode

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These are the instructions to install and run the Darkcoin Daemon on your "hardened" Linux server.  Also included are instructions for running your server as a Darkcoin Masternode.



Running a Darkcoin Mining Pool with P2Pool-drk

[Instructions Not Available Yet: Check back soon.]


Once you have the Darkcoin Daemon up and running on your server, you can then proceed to set up a Darkcoin mining pool.  This will show you how to set up such a pool using the highly recommended P2Pool software.



Upgrading to a New Version of Darkcoin

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Darkcoin is in a state of fairly rapid development.  Whenever changes are made to the underlying code by the Darkcoin development team, it becomes necessary for all users, masternodes operators, pool operators, etc., to update to the latest version.  This short tutorial will show you how to accomplish this with ease.



Upgrading to a New Version of P2Pool-drk

[Instructions Not Available Yet: Check Back Soon.]


Much like it is often necessary to upgrade to the latest version of the Darkcoin daemon, new versions of Darkcoin also often require upgrading the P2Pool-drk software.  Here, we show you how!


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